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Development, UI, UX

The Challenge - Marking ten years with new digital experiences

Marking 10 years in business, The Challenge is the UK's leading charity for building a more integrated society. And the challenge was given to us to create them a new engaging digital experience.

Through a full content strategy and creative process, we worked together and launched a site focussed on the success stories of the organisation and their programme participants at NCS, HeadStart and Step Forward.

A digital revamp

What we did

  • Strategy
  • Digital Design
  • Digital Development
  • Content Management
  • Web Development


A user journey of a thousand miles...

We minimised the number of clicks needed to find content by identifying the essential user journeys and creating paths specifically for them, all backed by one intuitive, collapsible menu.


Overflowing with rich content

The Challenge had a big story to tell, naturally with lots of content. We organised pages into blocks and introduced side-scrolling for an experience of glancing down through a page quickly, and sliding sideways for the details.

The Challenge's story timeline

Systems (Part 1)

Easy content management

All site content needed to be easily managed across multiple teams, so we built systems to allow quick control of news articles, impact stories, policy reports, team profiles, career opportunities and microsites.

impact stories across The Challenge
career opportunities with ATS

Systems (Part 2)

Headless content management

Microsites were created using a headless system to manage and serve content, allowing for full and versatile control of their external apps and pages.

One such page was On The Surface, an app launched by The Challenge for young people that takes them through an interactive social story.

headless microsite for On The Surface app


Consume all the API's

Along with an API for the Career Application Tracking System (ATS) and FAQs on the site, numerous landing pages were built to integrate with Google, Salesforce, SnapChat and Facebook.