We're zen.

Who we are

We're a team of creative thinkers and doers, solving problems and making big ideas happen.

We want to make life a little better, and more interesting, and we use our creative skills to achieve this.

We build inspiring brands, launch behaviour-changing campaigns and design action-driving digital experiences. And with more than a decade of experience, we’re not just bragging. We’re good.


What drives us

To make life a little f-ing better. It’s all about the F-word.

We strive to use our creative skills to bring positive change in the world, and this is what drives us...

Illustration of our friendly robot


First is being nice! To clients, customers, colleagues, strangers, robots... Everyone.

Illustration of a good gin and tonic, we like those


Not taking everything too seriously and enjoying the ride! It encourages our creativity.

Illustration of scaling a mountain


Popping strategy in the back-pocket and using guts to face new challenges and take calculated risks.

Illustration of focussing in on the solution


Applying our skills to bring positive change to the world - today and tomorrow.

Illustration of a creatively solving a puzzle


Loving solving problems with our no-nonsense thinking.

Illustration of Scotland's most creative unicorn


Launching work that we are proud of and is worthy of recognition. Awards, or not!

How we work

Rock–paper–scissors? We don’t leave anything to chance.

Our process is transparent and straightforward. We ask, learn, think, challenge, design, do. And repeat.

From the start, you’ll always know what, when, and why we're doing anything - be it researching, brainstorming, sketching, designing, programming or launching your campaign - because we work collaboratively.

  • Understanding (ask, learn)

    We ask questions and learn as much as we can about your big idea or problem, outlining your project, markers for success and aspirations along the way.

    Icon for our approach to understanding
  • Strategy (think, challenge)

    We apply research, problem-solve and challenge ideas as we look for patterns that identify opportunities for success.

    Icon for our strategic design for your project
  • Exploration (design)

    We conceptualise and prototype, shaping your new brand, campaign or digital experience.

    Icon for our approach to exploring ideas
  • Creativity (do)

    We build in code, pixels and print - and test rigorously. We only launch when everything is ready, and you are happy.

    Icon for our approach to creating your brand, campaign or digital experience
  • Perfection (repeat)

    We measure impact, examine every detail and forever improve as we chase perfection.

    Icon for our approach to achieving perfection

Introducing the team

An agile bunch of incredibly skilled and highly driven individuals.

Illustration of Alex, our creative director and project lead

Creative Director

Alex Mitchell

Creator of zen. On a mission to help people and companies build their brand, connect with their customers and make a positive impact in the world. Is a qualified mountain leader and enjoys climbing, hiking, mountain biking and snapping pictures of my dog on Instagram.

Illustration of Adam, our coding genuis

Lead Developer

Adam Richardson

Welcomes complex challenges, loves tinkering and building quick prototypes while having the stamina for extensive projects too.​ Is always eager to explore new technologies and tools to create the most remarkable experiences. Golfing keeps him sane!

Illustration of Steve, our copywriter and designer

Copywriter & Designer

Steve Burrows

A man gifted with words. As well as the team's copywriter, he's sometimes allowed to conjure up exceptional ideas for print and digital. Enjoys doodling, walking his dog, climbing (Alex's influence...) and running.