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Rochen - rebranding reliable hosting

We were challenged to create a new modern brand for Rochen that would stand them out from their competition.

We focussed on Rochen's fundamental value of reliability, with the identity designed around three parallel lines. True parallel lines will reliably never meet. The blue flash also mimics the characteristic glow of power lights on a server - blinking and always on.

A modern brand

What we did

  • Research
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Logo Design
  • Campaigns
  • Iconography
  • Illustrations


Unparalleled consistency

Rochen's straight-line and no-fuss brand flows beyond the logo and across all materials and marketing campaigns, supported by brand guidelines and toolkits.

Rochen’s static brand identity
Rochen’s brand identity was formed with parallel lines

Icons & Illustrations

Brand resources

We designed a complete set of icons and illustrated artwork for use across marketing materials and onboarding documents.

Rochen’s brand icons
Rochen’s brand illustrations


An amplified launch

A series of advertising campaigns were launched across Seach and Social to support the launch of Rochen's new brand.

showing Rochen's adverts for social media campaigns
showing Rochen's adverts for social media and PPC search campaigns

Results & Stats

Branded a success

Rochen saw a 30% increase in sales over the first year, along with a decreasing bounce rate of 60% - people staying on the site to learn more, and buying.

Rochen's desktop website and landing page for Magento
Rochen's mobile website and landing page for Magent

The team at zen quickly connected to our values and understood what we were about. Working through their creative process realised Rochen’s potention and delivered a brand that has stood up against our competition, at conferences and across the internet. We can’t shout about zen loudly enough.

Christopher Adams, CEO