Predict Mobile




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Predict Mobile - Identity design for a data-driven service

We were challenged to create a brand that represented the values of transparency and truthfulness of embracing real-time 'big data' to learn about the market and return the most highly optimised solution for a business.

Through our creative process and lots of research, we delivered Predict Mobile - and Predict Cellular for America. Inspiration for the brand identity was realised in the software's relationship between the live data and its algorithms used to return optimised solutions, depicted in a stylised Venn diagram.

A new brand

What we did

  • Research
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Naming
  • Logo Design
  • Iconography
  • Stationery


Bringing a logo to life

We worked with our animator to reveal the Predict Mobile logo and give it a pulse of energy to represent the organic, ever-changing data that the software collects and calculates.

Predict Mobile's brand identity in detail


A digital-to-print brand

Predict Mobile is set to be a fully web-based application, with much of its marketing taking place online.

It was important, therefore, that the brand identity and every asset was fully considered for presentation on screen and in RGB first, before supporting with a full CMYK and Pantone print palette.

Predict Mobile's brand identity in black Predict Mobile's brand identity in reverse on green Predict Mobile's brand identity in reverse on blue


For every occasion

Along with a set of six dedicated icons for each of the key metrics the Predict Mobile application bases results on, a wider range of icons were delivered for use across the UI of the app itself, as well as onboarding documents and marketing materials.

Predict Mobile branded icons


Guidelines for the future

Predict Mobile was also presented with a full set of brand guidelines to help maintain consistency into the future. And these were printed and bound so they could be admired on the shelf!

Predict Mobile brand guidelines
Predict Mobile brand guidelines, colour and logo positioning
Predict Mobile brand guidelines and incorrect uses
Predict Mobile brand guidelines and icons
Predict Mobile guidelines and photography

I have really enjoyed working with zen, and I would heartily recommend them to others. The team managed to breathe life into a concept and create a brand proposition that will help launch my business to the world. I felt the environment of collaboration produced some truly inspirational moments now captured in Predict Mobile.

Colin Loveday, Managing Director