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Seven years young, and rebranded

Hello. Today is our 7th birthday, and we're celebrating!

Not just because we're older and wiser, but because it marks the point we have rebranded ourselves, evolving into something new and very improved.

Around this time last year, we were talking to a few of our customers to find out what they knew about us and what they thought we did. And what we learned is that to them, 'we did websites'. We were the go-to people to get your website professionally designed and developed. And that was all.

This came as a bit of a shock, as for six years, we had been helping businesses brand themselves with inspiring logos and helping them communicate with their customers through traditional and digital methods. However, none of this was being delivered.

We learned that our customers did not share the same view of who we were, and so it was on that day that we knew we needed to rebrand ourselves. It was time for a change.

We needed to communicate that we are focused on the bigger picture.

Think inside the box

During a session exploring our values and generating new ideas for our brand, we were in our studio, and the inevitable cliché came out - 'let's think outside the box a bit'. We paused.

An interesting point was raised. For us to 'think outside the box', we need to understand how big the box is. We need to know what your goals are, along with any restrictions – whether they be geographical, technological, language barriers, budget, time, resources. Then we can see beyond those and start exploring real ideas and building practical solutions.

Think inside and outside the box

Through various sketches, iterations on sketches and building paper models of inside-out boxes, our rebrand was complete. We arrived at our new mark, reflecting on what's around us but thinking, sometimes, inside. This is who we are.

zenelements is seven and rebranded

We are zenelements, the creative agency that thinks inside and outside the box.