zenelements studio.

Seven Years Young. Evolved. Rebranded.

Published November 1st, 2013

Hello. Allow us to [re]introduce ourselves – we are zenelements a branding and marketing agency based in the West End of Dundee, Scotland.


Today is our 7th birthday and we’re celebrating! Not just because we’re older and wiser, but because it marks the point where we have re-branded ourselves and evolved into something very new and improved.

Almost a year ago, we were talking to our customers and businesses in the area, to find out what they knew about us. We learned that to them, ‘we did websites’. We were the go-to people to get your website professionally designed and developed. And that was all. This came as a bit of a shock, as we always thought we were different – using intelligent design to improve a business and enhance the experience of its customers, whatever the medium. However this wasn’t being communicated.

Our customers didn’t share the same view of who we were and so it was on that day that we knew we needed to re-brand ourselves. It was time for change. We needed to communicate that we were focused on the bigger picture – getting results. Design, on the surface, is an art form but underneath that beauty is a hugely beneficial tool, that if created right, will return great rewards.

‘Think outside the box’

During a brainstorming session for new ideas for the company brand, we were in our studio and the inevitable cliché of ‘thinking outside the box’ was spoken. It did raise an interesting point though; in order to ‘think outside the box’ you need to know what the box is. You need to know what your restrictions are – whether they be geographical, technological, language, resource – to inform your ‘thinking outside the box.’

It wasn’t until we properly spoke to people that their view of us came to light, before we reacted to it. So we began thinking ‘in[out]side’ our box.

‘Thinking in[out]side the box’

logo development

Through various iterations on this subject, sketches and building paper models of inside-out boxes, we arrived at our final mark, reflecting what’s around us but thinking, sometimes, inside the box.

This is who we are. We are zenelements.