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Feel familiar?

We were asked to come up with a campaign to help British Lung Foundation (BLF) raise awareness of COPD in young adults, to be rolled out across Scotland and Northern Ireland. We delivered with, ‘Feel familiar?’

Putting together a focus group allowed us to get a in-depth understanding of how COPD works and how living with it affects lives. We also learned through this process the early signs, that should encourage a GP visit.

A strategy was developed where pop-up stands would be situated at the entrances in selected super markets, along with additional materials spread throughout the store. This was to include posters, positioned at the top of stairs and in lifts and floor mats at the bottom, where breathlessness can be an early sign to COPD, as well as A-frames and balloons on the store floor.

What We Did

  • Consultancy
  • Campaign Identity
  • Photography
  • Promotional Material

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